Dexpot is a virtual desktop manager for Windows computers
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Dexpot is a virtual desktop manager for Windows computers. Virtual desktops become increasingly popular because of the advent of Mac computers, which all come with an inbuilt application that does just this.

Dexpot allows you to create up to four different desktops in which you can add files and shortcuts, and you can have programs running on every one of them. You can even configure the different desktops to open certain applications. For example, you can establish all your instant messengers on desktop 1, all your office tools on desktop 2 and so on. When you open any of your established applications, they will go to one of the desktops. There are two ways for you to switch among desktops. You can either use hotkeys or use the menu. The easiest way is using hotkeys.

There are many different options that you can play with to customize your desktops, and you can even set different resolutions for each one of the desktops. If you load a lot of applications on each desktop, chances are that your computer will start running sluggish, so you might want to pace yourself.

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